audit data
Today’s business world, in its pursuit for enhanced efficiency, is opening up more and more to all devices that can improve workforce mobility and productivity. Technology has supported our need for mobility and has also provided additional means of communication. Laptops, smart phones, memory sticks, iPods, they are all part […]

Audit the data..

sharing data
Many employees use cloud-based services to share sensitive company data with each other, vendors, customers and partners. They sync data to their personal devices and home computers in an effort to do their jobs quickly and efficiently – without IT’s oversight. The risks of data leakage, compliance violations and damage […]

Securely sharing data

kids safe on line
Safe on line – Laptops, desktops, tablets or phones – it’s difficult from accidentally visiting inappropriate websites. So I thought I’d share this free service with you (free for home use only) from Norton/Symantec. The service redirects all internet based traffic through their filtering if you or your little […]

Keeping safe online…

So the kids are safe from dodgy sites, thanks to the effort that you put in with your router setup (earlier post). Now how about keeping the rest of the family safe from prying eyes and those sites & agencies that like to know what people are up to… Ever […]

Anonymity Online..

backup synced
What does backup & synced really mean.. Backup: Files are saved automatically. If you change files on your computers, their backed up files in the cloud change as well. It is important to have multiple versions of files so if you accidentally change or delete a file, we can easily […]

Backup & file sync

cyber essentials
In 2012, HM Government launched the 10 Steps to Cyber Essentials Security guide to encourage organisations to consider their cyber security measures, and to ascertain whether organisations thought they were managing their cyber risks sufficiently. The guide was extremely well received, and raised awareness within company boards and amongst senior […]

Cyber Essentials